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Winkelgebied Oostpoort
Offline activations, Online marketing, Strategy
Winkelgebied Oostpoort
Offline activations, Online marketing, Strategy

The shopping area of Amsterdam-Oost

Winkelgebied Oostpoort can be found in the area formerly home to the Oostergasfabriek. This historic ground is the foundation that Oostpoort is built upon. Now, a unique combination of people and brands bring people together, inspiring and entertaining them. Together they offer a special entirety for every aspect of city life. From drinking to shopping, working to living and relaxing to inspiring. All with the goal to connect the Amsterdammer.

Our main mission
Setting Winkelgebied Oostpoort on the map as the place to be for locals, not only for shopping but also to experience and stay.

Finding the narrative

People don’t buy what you do but why you do it. That was our main focus point regarding the marketing for Oostpoort. That’s why we don’t focus on what the shopping area does (sell high quality products) but focus more on why. Because they believe in bringing people together and that you can do more together than alone. That’s why Oostpoort is the place to be in (Amsterdam) Oost. To share this narrative, we set up different marketing activities.

Organic content – locals show you Oost

We want to show Oostpoort as a part of Oost. That’s why we follow locals (a local that has lived here a long time and one that has lived here for a shorter time) who show us their places to be in Oost. They also share interesting stories about Oost and explain why they recommend these hotspots!

Referrals – cadeaupakkettenactie

The shopping center has a lot of daily visitors. Why not let them spread the word for you? That’s why we set up a gift contest. Together with a friend, people can participate for free by leaving their email addresses. Every month, 3 duos with a Oostpoort gift packet. One worth €100 and filled with beautiful products from themore than 1000 contesters over the last 6 months.

Offline activations

We believe in omnichannel marketing. You need to share your story with the applicable target audience where and when it matters. For Oostpoort, this also means in the stores. Naturally, we share the cadeaupakkettenactie in the stores. However, we also want in the moment experiences. That’s why we’ve organised various days at Oostpoort, such as a burendag (neighboursday), WK voetbaldag (Worldcup football day) and a Kerstdag (Christmasday). For some of the activities of the days, people had to pre register. This has lead to over 2000 registrations and 10 PR outings during the last 6 months.

Why waste words
if we can
let our work
speak for itself?