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Design, Development, Marketing, Strategy
Design, Development, Marketing, Strategy

It’s oil in the family

A dream is born… the story of Gkazas originates in Crete under the trees of an olive yard, the olive field of the Gkazas family to be more exact. Here, a dream is born: making olive oil of the highest quality (extra vierge olijfolie) accessible to as many people as possible in the most honest and sustainable way.

Our main mission
Ensuring Gkazas Olive Oil keeps doubling certain key metrics every year on year.

Finding the narrative

Brandclick helps Gkazas Olive Oil in sharing their story. The ‘Share the Love’ campaign is the most fitting example of what Gkazas is about. Gkazas Olive Oil shared the Cretan culture, respect, and love for their products and surroundings back here in the Netherlands.

The love and respect that Gkazas Olive Oil feels when they are on Crete inspires them and warms their bones. That’s why they wanted to share this back home in Holland. By capturing the stories of six Cretans (a beekeeper, shepherd, tea lady, fisherman, merchant, and farmer) and how their lives and respect for their surroundings lead to beautiful products. People were able to share a specially developed 50ML can that fits through the letterbox with friends and family. And the best part? It’s for free! Sharing the Cretan way of love and life, here in the Netherlands.

What’s your Gkazas moment?

Ok, so we brought the Cretan love to Western-Europe. However, we wanted to keep inspiring people by their main ideals. To live life to the fullest and make the most out of every moment. Through a special Gkazas Moments page, people could share their favorite (Gkazas) moment. Viewers can vote on these moments and the top 15 of the month win a year of free Gkazas Olive Oil.

This free oil is a new product: the Gkazas Olive Oil subscription. Every month, they receive a 300ML can filled with extra vierge olijfolie straight through their letterbox. Awesome, right?

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