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EDI Drinks
Design, Development, Marketing, Online marketing, Strategy
EDI Drinks
Design, Development, Marketing, Online marketing, Strategy

The drinks distributor with a love for authentic flavors & local experiences

The story of EDI Drinks starts with a passion for cold and hot drinks to be experienced as the locals do. To be able to enjoy it like that English, French or Italian local does. How? By allowing beverages with a proven track record in the country of origin to reach their full potential here. Brands that are favorites of local consumers, tested against their standards.

Our main mission
Establishing the online foundation for EDI Drinks that fits a Dutch market leader with a global reputation for quality.

Finding the narrative

EDI Drinks was born from a love for authentic, local experiences. This started in 2006 with a collaboration with Buscaglione. Slowly but surely, other authentic beverage brands started joining. In 2023, the time has come to connect under a common denominator: EDI Drinks.

This requires a strategic foundation with an associated visual identity. Brandclick is hooked up to help. The result is a strategy and matching brand book that radiates professionalism, freshness and inspires.

Authentic, local experiences captured

With a strategic foundation that has been agreed upon, it is time to build and fill the website. What really brings this website to life is the focus on the experience. Beautiful photography and lifestyle images of the various local brands that EDI Drinks offers in the Netherlands.

Marketing, let’s go

With the completion of the website, EDI Drinks has a digital business card to enter the online world. With a new brand that will be affiliated with EDI Drinks in 2024, the journey is running smoothly!

Why waste words
if we can
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