Feeling good

A dream is born

Ynside is the result of a quest of some sort. A search for the perfect underwear that nurtures body and skin. Because every day starts with your underwear. And a good start to the day is half the battle. However, Ynside comes up empty handed in their search for this underwear and so the dream changes into a purpose, developing the perfect underwear themselves. Including this integral vision on health and happiness.

Bigger, better, stronger…

Now, Ynside is ready to share their perfect underwear with the world. Together with Brandclick, this challenge has been met head-on since the start of 2021.

We started with the foundation of Ynside: revamping the brand identity. Their compelling story is translated into a fitting visual style. Subsequently, this brand identity is translated to all the different online channels on which Palais de l’eau is active, such as the website, social media, and mailings.